Mobile Sit-Stand & Total Care Lifts

Sit-to-stand lifts along with total care lifts are part of any facilities safe patient handling program. Even with wide coverage in a facility of overhead ceiling lifts, there is still a need for these mobile lifts. We specialize in a wide variety of equipment styles and weight capacities with special emphasis on the unique characteristics involved with bariatric patient care. It is much more important to accommodate the physical size characteristics of the bariatric patient then to just consider weight capacity when it comes to selecting mobile lifts. We also provide a selection of non-powered stand assist options which can help enhance your fall prevention program.

Sit-to-Stand Lifts in weight Capacity up to 800#s.

Non-Powered Transfer Assist Devices to Assist with your Fall Prevention Program

Total Care Mobile Lifts in weight Capacities up to 1000#s.

Mobile lifts at a glance. 


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